Eraldo Carugati. The man who painted the solo covers

Eraldo Carugati si like a mystery figure in Kisstory. Most Kiss fans know the story behind the iconic album covers made by Ken Kelly and Michael Doret, Those albums covers are probably the ones used most on Kiss merchandise together with the covers for the solo albums, painted by Eraldo Carugati.

Strangely there haven’t been much told about the making of the solo album covers. The only story I believe I have heard is one that Dennis Woloch has told about how Carugati painted the blood drop on the spot, when he was told that Gene’s album needed something extra. Something that tells a lot about how good he was.

I just found this article about Eraldo Carugati when I was surfing the web. There is not much about his story with Kiss, even if It’s mentioned. But I think It’s a cool story that deserves to be read anyway.

The eminent supreme artist revisited

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  1. A fascinating article about a very important piece of KISStory. This man created the four most iconic KISS imagery we have with the solo album covers, IMO, and yet I’ve never really thought about finding out more about who did them. I’m curious about his other works now. A huge shame to see that so much of his work was lost in the fire.

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