Sean Delaney – Highway

The fifth solo album

Today I’m going to write a little about the record that is probably my favorite Kiss related album. An album that is right up there with all the Kiss solo albums from 1978. And The album is Sean Delaney’s Highway. An “forgotten” album that not many Kiss fans know about but really should try to get hold of.

Sean Delaney who is often called “the fifth Kiss member” recorded his one and only solo album almost simultaneously with the Kiss solo albums. The record has a lot of similarities to both Peter and Gene’s albums. Not very strange since Sean produced both Gene’s album and did a lot of the production work on Peter’s album before Vini Poncia came into the picture. Sean also supposedly wrote most of the songs on Peter’s album that weren’t leftovers from the old Chelsea songs Peter recycled on his solo album. Sean even went as far as to say that there were more of his voice on “I Can’t Stop The Rain” than Peter. An leftover that were demoed for Peter’s album called “Spotlights” is also rerecorded on Highway. This time only credited to Sean.

The musicians on the album are also a lot of the same people who played on Peter’s solo album. Many of the same guys who Sean used to have as musicans when he used to make radio jingles. Like Paul Shaffer and Alan Schwartzberg. There is a whole chapter about that in the book about Sean “Hellbox” if anybody want’s to dive deeper into the story about Sean. Continue reading

Sean Delaneys Hell Box

HellboxSean Delaneys Hell Box
By: Bryan Kinnaird
Published 2005, 118 pages

A very thin but informative book.

The book about the man who together with Bill Aucoin discovered Kiss. The man who had a big part in shaping the band into the super-group they became. Sean was their first road manager, who loved them and was willing to sacrifice everything for them. This is a book that most fans had looked forward to since Sean first talked about It in 1995. Unfortunately Sean died in 2003 before the book was finished. So Bryan Kinnaird had to finish it after Sean’s death.

It’s a fairly short book with It’s 118 pages. But It’s 118 pages that are worth reading. Maybe not so much because of the Kiss stuff. But the book really paints a good picture of what kind of person Sean was. The first part of the book tells about Sean’s life before he met Bill Aucoin. Homophobes probably will have a problem with the content, but I found It very interesting. Bill seems to be the big love in Sean’s life, a love he was willing to sacrifice everything for. But who let down Sean after ten years, because of a situation were Sean just had tried to help Bill out.

If you have read some interviews with Sean It’ easy to get the impression that he is a real big mouth, who takes a lot of credit for Kiss making it. But in the book he really seems quite objective. He gives the band members most of the credit for the success themselves. He just tries to show how he polished the band into becoming a super-group instead og just another great band. Continue reading