Kiss Ramblings – June 2013

Hey! We got a forum!

After my last post in May was really to do a large report from the concerts in Stockholm and Stavanger. But the month has gone and I have really not had any time to sit down and write anything sensible. There has mostly been work and family for me the last month. I have even had problems finishing the Kiss book I am reading right now, “Kiss – Den Osminkade Sanningen”. I’m almost finished so I will post a review here soon.

Even though I haven’t posted since May there has been some change here. Two weeks ago we launched the forum part of this site. Right now It’s 99% Norwegian. But we have also made a part for English speaking users. So It would be great if English speaking visitors of this site also would drop by the forum and register. The forum is now more or less what the Kiss Army Norway forum was before 2011. Many of the old users haven’t posted much or at all since Kiss Army Norway moved over to the Ning platform, and many of them has in the last two years asked me to set up a new phpBB forum like the one we used to have. And even if I really prefer phpBB to Ning I was quite reluctant because I still was the webmaster for Kiss Army Norway. Continue reading

Kiss Ramblings – May 2013

I’m back!

Six months since the last update. It’s not that my Kiss interest has become any less. It’s just been a really busy winter and spring. So most of my Kiss related projects have been set on hold. First had to find a new job and then I have had other issues with decease in my family. So most of my time has been occupied with finding a new job and taking care of my family.

One good thing is that I finally more or less managed to get my man cave/Kiss room ready. Finally I have a place to display parts of my collection. It’s nice to not have all the stuff in boxes and packed away. My financial situation has also been quite good. So there has been a lot of eBay shopping. A little to much really. The only problem is that the humidity in the basement where I have the man cave. But It seems like I more or less have worked the problem out with a dehumidifier. Continue reading

Kiss ramblings – September 2012

Not much happening here…

As you probably have noticed there has not been much updating of this site in the last couple of weeks. We are renovating our house and moving all my parents stuff at the same time. So most of the time has gone doing that. It’s kinda scary when “real-life” takes all my time. There are so much Kiss stuff I really would like to write about. Just having the time is the problem.

I really hope that I’m able to get most of the stuff done before I go on the Kiss Kruise. So there are not a lot of work waiting for me when I get back from the Kruise. But I really need a vacation right now. So the Kiss Kruise could not have been on a better time for me personally. It will be great having som Kiss party time just with my friends. It’s really my first time away from my family since my “turbo twins” were born in 2008.

The cool thing about renovating is that I will finally get my “Kiss room”. That’s one thing I have been dreaming of for years. And I will post a real blog post with pictures when It’s ready. Right now the stuff is just in boxes as you can see from the picture.

I promise to be back with a lot of new cool stuff in November/December.

Kiss ramblings – August 2012

God damn I hate this

Most Kiss fans I know have more or less been as anxious for the Destroyer Resurrected as to the release of Monster later in the year. And after the date of release had become official the build up had been a pretty for the release. It felt like the Kiss and Universal ‘press machine’ were working as It should. Sites like the Kiss Faq even followed up with a great interview with Bob Ezrin etc.

But then something happened. If It’s because somebody pushed a button they should not have done or what I’m not really sure of. Kiss Destroyer Resurrected was suddenly released as a US only release on iTunes. Over three weeks before the release date. WTF is that all about? In a world that where It’s more and more difficult to sell your music. Do you really want to piss off most of your buyers? Nice enough for the American fans who doesn’t want to buy physical media anymore. But what about those who do? And last but not least. What about all the people around the world who doesn’t have access to the US iTunes? Continue reading

Kiss ramblings – May 2012

When disappointment turned into a wonderful surprise!

WOW! It has been a busy month. It all started with disappointment when Sonisphere were cancelled last month. And even if I’m seeing the band on the Kruise in October I had really looked forward to the show in July. But what did we get instead…? A one of show in OSLO! I must admit I almost hit the ceiling when I got the news that the show at Kollen was confirmed. And It wasn’t easy keeping quiet to all the great Kiss fans I know during the weeks before the festival went public with the news. Who would have guessed that Kiss would do their only performance in Europe in tiny little Norway? Even if It’s probably a quite logical because the economy here is probably the best in Europe right now. And Norway is full of Kiss fans. Probably most per capita in the world. Just look at the attendance figures for the Kiss Kruise right now. Continue reading

Kiss ramblings II – April 2012

The Amish Kiss Army strikes again…

The last weeks there has been much to think about in the “Kissworld”. It seems that Kiss two appearances on “Dancing With The Stars” more or less mobilized all the negative forces in Kiss fandom on the Internet. Not that there is anything wrong with being critical of the appearances or anything else in the world of Kiss. But when a few fans starts to get very vocal about the same old topics they have had issues with for over ten years It get’s really boring, very fast.

It all started with Paul’s vocal issues in New Orleans. Most fans were troubled and showed concerns about his voice. That is as one should expect. And some even ment that It was time to call It a day, and quit if he didn’t get better. A fair opinion. But then you get all the hangers on that started discussing all the same shit they have raved about for over the last decade. Everything from “Bring back Ace and Peter”, “Kiss is a tribute band” , “Double standards” and all the stuff about the make-up. Rambling on like drunken idiots in the street. Not knowing when enough is enough and It’s time to stop. It’s not that we haven’t understood that a lot of people have issues with Tommy, Eric, the make-up etc. But please give It a rest, please… If I had hated what the band is today I would not bother using any time on them and just concentrate on what was and live on those memories. Continue reading