On Tour with Kiss 1980

This is the Kiss article I probably read most times during the early 80′s. Anders Tengners article about the Scandinavian part of the European tour in 1980. Anders have graciously give me permission to post a English version of the article (translated by me). Be sure to check out Anders book “Access All Areas – Mitt liv med hårdrockens giganter”. Reviewed here by me. – Nils

Now over to the good stuff!

On Tour with Kiss – By Anders Tengner

All stories have a beginning and this one started a long time ago, back in 1975. It was then I discovered the phenomena KISS. Earlier I had been a hot-blooded Alice Cooper fan. Suddenly there were something better. Four guys from New York who had a dream. The dream was to become stars. And becoming stars were something they had real talent for.

They wore grotesque make-up and stage outfits made of leather and studs, so there were no way one could ignore this band. Even if they already had a couple of albums released, it was “Alive!” that got me hooked!
It was a record that the world had never seen alike before. Well played, even if not to complicated, great and powerful hard rock! From “Deuce” to “Black Diamond” I was in “heavy metal heaven”. Even the 33d time the record was playing. There is no band that have beaten Kiss with a better live record to this day. I was dreaming about seeing the band on stage already then. Dreaming about seeing the most spectacular show in the rock world. Already in May 1976 it was time for the first Kiss tour outside the USA, with the bestseller “Destroyer” just released. Gröna Lund in Stockholm, Olympen in Lund and Scandinavium in Gotheburg got to see what Kiss called “budget” concerts, because the stage equipment were scaled down. The fans came in great number and went wild. Specially the Gröna Lund show was wild. 20 000 people were a great Kiss concert “richer”, and one of them was me.
Kiss grew bigger and bigger during the following years. Japan went “Kiss crazy” and got visits in both 1977 and 1978. Here in Europe we had promises about tours all the time, but nothing happened. Not before this year. The year 1980 when Kiss has 15 records behind them, Kiss went out on a 26 show long European tour. POSTER followed Kiss around Scandinavia. Continue reading