Kiss Army Spain – Cronicas De Una Decada 1973 – 1983

Kiss Army Spain membership package

Just got back from 12 days in sunny Spain last week. So what is more appropriate than reviewing the new Kiss Army Spain membership package that came in the post at more or less the same time I came home. The package includes both a 113 page book in colour and a DVD from when Kiss played in Madrid 14 October 1983.

I don’t speak Spanish. So my review of the book is more or less just based on the visuals, just as I do with Japanese books. And what a great book It is to look at. The book is crammed with great pictures. Most of them really great photos that have surfaced on the web over the last 4-5 years. And It is really great to have them collected in a great book like this. It really saved me money because I was planning of making a iPhoto book of most of these pictures myself anyway.

The layout of the book reminds me very much of Kiss Army Swedens Destroyer Magazine. Nothing wrong with that. If you have made a book that has a layout that is close to what is probably best Kiss Magazine ever made (both official and not) for a whole book you have done something right. So I must just say that I’m really impressed with the quality of the book, and I got a much better product than I expected. If there is one thing I could put my finger on It’s probably the cover itself. It’s OK, but quite boring compared to the rest of the book. It really doesn’t do such a great book justice. Continue reading

One Stop Jumbo posters

Still my favorite posters after thirty years

As most who became Kiss fans in the 70′s the images of Kiss had a lot to do with discovering the band in the first place. So Kiss posters has always been some of my favorite collectibles. Especially the official posters from the 70′s and Kiss promo posters in general.

When I was I twelve year old starved Kiss fan in 1980, I usually went into Oslo to buy Kiss records and posters. And in Oslo there was a little shop (in Torggata/Strøget) that was more or less heaven for me. They probably didn’t have much stuff by today’s standards, and I can’t even remember the name of the shop today. But they had a lot of rock merchandise. Buttons, stickers, patches and of course POSTERS. And the holy grail was the huge official One Stop jumbo posters. I believe they just had the “Alive” and “Alive II” versions. But I could be wrong since I know that others had the “Love Gun” version.

The posters were quite expensive for a twelve year old kid. So the only one I managed to save up for myself was the “Alive II” version. And It was the pride of my collection for a couple of years. I also at a later point managed to get the other two posters in trades. Later to trade them all away later in the 80′s. Just to buy them again on eBay six, seven years ago.


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Kiss Pacifica buckles

The coolest merchandise from the 70′s

Beside the music, books and posters, the Pacifica Kiss buckles from the 70′s are probably my favorite part of my Kiss-collection. Probably because I really wanted one bad in the late 70′s and early 80′s, but never managed the get hold of one here in Norway. One of my friends had the Destroyer buckle. And It is probably one of the few times I have been really envious of somebody in my whole life.

When I first started to collect buckles one of the problem was finding a complete list of Pacifica Kiss buckles on the web. So I just thought I should post a pictures of what I believe is the complete list of Pacifica Kiss buckles. Continue reading