Gene Simmons interview 1992

Part I  – Fra ‘Kiss Army Norway Magazine’ #3 – 1996.

This is the ‘blast from the past pages’ where we take a look at things that have happen in the past. We would like to open this spot with a interview that was done for one of the biggest radio station in Norway, NRK P2. The interview was done at Lip Cafe, when Kiss visited Oslo the 11th of June 1992 on their promotion tour for Revenge. The interviews was sent on the radio the same mouth, but the Gene Simmons interview was mighty edited. As I were there together with Steinar Fjeld from NRK, I were lucky enough to take a part in a separate interview with Gene and Paul. Exclusively for the Kiss Army Norway members will I here give you for the very first time the hole unedited interview with Gene I hope you enjoy it!!

After shaking hands….This was how we started the interview with small talk…

Steinar Fjeld: As you see have I brought a sample of a fan.
Gene: Yeah…He’s Crazy…. Continue reading

KISS Scandinavia Tour’96

From ‘Kiss Army Norway Magazine’ #5 – 1997

STOCKHOLM – Friday – 6th December
Kiss Army Norway followed Kiss on the Scandinavian part of the reunion tour, and in this report you can read about all the important events during Kiss’s stay in Sweden and Norway as well as all the exi­ting details.
Stockholm were first stop. And we arrived the Stockholm Globe Hotel which is actually connected to the Globe Arena where Kiss were going to play the same day. The hotel were packed with Kiss fans from all over Europe. And in Stockholm, it was Kiss hysteria more than in any other place in Europe. For a Kiss-fan it was just like coming to heaven. All radio-stations were playing Kiss, they had lots of Kiss-fans interviews and contests. All the largest news-papers had Kiss-specials inside. In the record-stores there was a lot of different promotion material to see. But not as much Kiss merchandise as you find at a Kiss Convention. Kiss Army Sweden were arranging their third annual Kiss Convention at Heartbreak hotel/King Creol from 2.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m, so that was of-course where we were going to spend most of the day. Continue reading

Interview with Vinnie Vincent

vinniesignVinnie Vincent on the phone

By: Stig Karlsen
From: ‘Kiss Army Norway Magazine’ #3 – 1996.

On Monday the 12th of February was Kiss Army Norway treated to a phone call from Vinnie Vincent himself. He called us to tell a little about the past with Kiss and about the future plans for Vinnie Vincent. At 6.15 p.m. (CET) did the phone ring. I was informed about the call, so you might understand that I was very exited as I picked up the phone

K.A.N.: Hallo!
VINNIE: Hello Stig, its Vinnie. How are you doing?

KAN.: Fm doing fine! How are you?
VINNIE: I’m fine, very very fine.

K.A.N.: It’s great to hear from you again!
VINNIE: Thank you very much. Thank you so much. Continue reading

Interview with Peter Criss 1994

Peter Criss 1994Peter Criss “The cat is back”.

Fra ‘Kiss Army Norway Magazine’ #1 – 1995

Last August we were lucky enough to get a interview with Peter Criss. The Cat himself. We meet up with him in Copenhagen when he was doing the Kiss Convention tour last year. We did a interview for the Norwegian Hardrock magazine “Scream”. As our time with Peter was quite long, couldn’t we fit the whole story in that issue, so here is your chance to read the whole interview totally uncensored. Continue reading