Is It really as good as they say?

I know I said It would be quiet for a while until the renovation at home is ready. But I just had to come with some comments about Monster. The record has been on high rotation since I got the disc on the Kiss release party in Oslo. So I feel that I’m in a position now to give my view on the record. It will maybe not the most in-depth review you will read of the record. And my view may change after listening to It more. But this is my impression may change after more repeated listening. Take It for what It is. My impression after about twenty spins of the disc.

First of all I will have to say that I was not to impressed after listening to the 90 sec iTunes samples that came out some time ago. I’m a big fan of Sonic Boom and this was nothing like Sonic Boom. The only song that I really really liked was “All For The Love Of Rock’n Roll”. And I even said It to some at the release party that I wished Kiss has delivered a more straight Rock’n Roll record like Sonic Boom. So I was really expecting to be let down by Kiss this time around. Not a major letdown but a minor from the great record Sonic Boom was.

But I will be the first to admit how wrong I was. What an incredible album Monster is. After listening to the finished product the album has just grown and grown on me. Even Hell Or Hallelujah that I haven’t been a big fan of since It came out as a iTunes single this summer works incredible well together with the songs on the album. Maybe not the best standalone track, but a great part of a larger picture. Continue reading

Sonic Boom Revised

Is It as good as It was..?

Sonic BoomAbout five years ago we got the great message that Kiss had decided to record again. Something that had been out of the question for a lot of years, because of Paul and Gene’s stance on downloading and file sharing. It was great new for a person like me that had been pretty pissed off because of that. I never understood why they in the period 2004-2008 seemed completely fine with being a heritage act.

I have probably never been so uncertain what to expect from a record. Would the band live up to their legacy or would we get an half hearted product like Psycho Circus always have been to me? That they had got Michael Doret to make the cover did not make the anticipation less exciting. And in October 2009 they let loose Sonic Boom on the world.

My first impression of the record was very positive. I probably raved more about Sonic Boom when It came out than I have ever done about any new Kiss record released since I became a fan in 1978. But how does the record hold up today? I find It quite interesting diving into the record after not having listen to It in a couple of months. Before that I had more or less listened to It weekly or daily since came out.

So let’s bring on Da Boom… Continue reading

Sean Delaney – Highway

The fifth solo album

Today I’m going to write a little about the record that is probably my favorite Kiss related album. An album that is right up there with all the Kiss solo albums from 1978. And The album is Sean Delaney’s Highway. An “forgotten” album that not many Kiss fans know about but really should try to get hold of.

Sean Delaney who is often called “the fifth Kiss member” recorded his one and only solo album almost simultaneously with the Kiss solo albums. The record has a lot of similarities to both Peter and Gene’s albums. Not very strange since Sean produced both Gene’s album and did a lot of the production work on Peter’s album before Vini Poncia came into the picture. Sean also supposedly wrote most of the songs on Peter’s album that weren’t leftovers from the old Chelsea songs Peter recycled on his solo album. Sean even went as far as to say that there were more of his voice on “I Can’t Stop The Rain” than Peter. An leftover that were demoed for Peter’s album called “Spotlights” is also rerecorded on Highway. This time only credited to Sean.

The musicians on the album are also a lot of the same people who played on Peter’s solo album. Many of the same guys who Sean used to have as musicans when he used to make radio jingles. Like Paul Shaffer and Alan Schwartzberg. There is a whole chapter about that in the book about Sean “Hellbox” if anybody want’s to dive deeper into the story about Sean. Continue reading

Eric Carr Unfinished Business

“Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

The quote from Forrest Gump really sums up my feelings about the record after listening to the record for a couple of weeks. Eric Carr “Unfinished Business” is a really difficult record to have a strong opinion about one way or the other.

The first couple of days I just tried really hard to understand what kind of “creature” Loretta wanted to make with this release (of course I understand It’s a tribute to Eric). It goes in all different directions with cover songs, new recordings of Eric songs and original demos. When It’s good It’s really great and when It’s bad the record is terrible.

Let’s take a little run trough of the songs first.

Continue reading