Rock Scene Magazine

Great site about a classic magazine

Ryan Richardson from Austin, Texas have made an incredible site with scans of all the Rock Scene magazine editions that ever came out. A magazine that came out between 1973 and 1982 and featured Kiss a lot. I just have to tip my hat for the incredible job he has done with the site. He tells his story much better than me.

The first issue of Rock Scene magazine hit the stands before I’d blown out a single birthday candle. Thirty something years later, I still hadn’t thumbed through an issue. A long overdue introduction finally got underway thanks to a deep dig through a delightfully jam-packed Los Angeles garage. Being far more interested in punk fanzines than commercial rock mags, I probably would’ve ignored Rock Scene had the Ramones not graced a couple covers. What elevated Rock Scene above other 70′s rock rags (Hit Parader, Creem, Circus) was their wholehearted embrace of punk in its earliest formations. Every issue was packed full of non-stop photography from the likes of Richard Creamer, Bob Gruen, Leee Black Childers, Roberta Bayley and Stephanie Chernikowski. Truth be told though, it was the appearances by ridiculously obscure groups (O. Rex, Max Load, Freestone, Zolar X) in the “New Bands” section that really hooked me all these years later. Mix in a serious childhood KISS obsession, and my collecting of Rock Scene issues quickly reached fever pitch. I had to have ‘em all!

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