Kiss in Starlet

Starlet was a teenage magazine for girls. But in a time were Kiss fans were starved for information most guys also bowed their heads in shame and bought the magazine because It had Kiss on the front page. The articles was really just trash thrown together.

There were three issues with Kiss on the cover and small basic stories inside. One issue also had a picture on the rear cover. The magazines are today really hard to find in any condition.

# 3 1981

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Kiss in TOPP

Topp is a norwegian teenage music magazine. They had some content on Kiss during the Crazy Nights and the Revenge area. Here is the listing of magazines with Kiss content.

# 15 – 1987

The Story: About the upcoming world tour and the concert in Norway in 1988.
One A4 pin up with Kiss.
The text and music for Crazy nights on the last page.

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