Kiss ramblings – September 2012

Not much happening here…

As you probably have noticed there has not been much updating of this site in the last couple of weeks. We are renovating our house and moving all my parents stuff at the same time. So most of the time has gone doing that. It’s kinda scary when “real-life” takes all my time. There are so much Kiss stuff I really would like to write about. Just having the time is the problem.

I really hope that I’m able to get most of the stuff done before I go on the Kiss Kruise. So there are not a lot of work waiting for me when I get back from the Kruise. But I really need a vacation right now. So the Kiss Kruise could not have been on a better time for me personally. It will be great having som Kiss party time just with my friends. It’s really my first time away from my family since my “turbo twins” were born in 2008.

The cool thing about renovating is that I will finally get my “Kiss room”. That’s one thing I have been dreaming of for years. And I will post a real blog post with pictures when It’s ready. Right now the stuff is just in boxes as you can see from the picture.

I promise to be back with a lot of new cool stuff in November/December.

Sonic Boom Revised

Is It as good as It was..?

Sonic BoomAbout five years ago we got the great message that Kiss had decided to record again. Something that had been out of the question for a lot of years, because of Paul and Gene’s stance on downloading and file sharing. It was great new for a person like me that had been pretty pissed off because of that. I never understood why they in the period 2004-2008 seemed completely fine with being a heritage act.

I have probably never been so uncertain what to expect from a record. Would the band live up to their legacy or would we get an half hearted product like Psycho Circus always have been to me? That they had got Michael Doret to make the cover did not make the anticipation less exciting. And in October 2009 they let loose Sonic Boom on the world.

My first impression of the record was very positive. I probably raved more about Sonic Boom when It came out than I have ever done about any new Kiss record released since I became a fan in 1978. But how does the record hold up today? I find It quite interesting diving into the record after not having listen to It in a couple of months. Before that I had more or less listened to It weekly or daily since came out.

So let’s bring on Da Boom… Continue reading

Kiss ramblings – August 2012

God damn I hate this

Most Kiss fans I know have more or less been as anxious for the Destroyer Resurrected as to the release of Monster later in the year. And after the date of release had become official the build up had been a pretty for the release. It felt like the Kiss and Universal ‘press machine’ were working as It should. Sites like the Kiss Faq even followed up with a great interview with Bob Ezrin etc.

But then something happened. If It’s because somebody pushed a button they should not have done or what I’m not really sure of. Kiss Destroyer Resurrected was suddenly released as a US only release on iTunes. Over three weeks before the release date. WTF is that all about? In a world that where It’s more and more difficult to sell your music. Do you really want to piss off most of your buyers? Nice enough for the American fans who doesn’t want to buy physical media anymore. But what about those who do? And last but not least. What about all the people around the world who doesn’t have access to the US iTunes? Continue reading

Kiss in Oslo 2012

Summertime in the city

Well. There has not been much summer and I don’t live in a city. Even if they call the place I live in a city. It has been bloody cold and raining for the most of the summer. But It’s been eventful months as a Kiss fan and a really busy time. I even managed to get married with my wonderful girlfriend for ten years, now my wife.

Beside my wedding, the main event for me as a Kiss fan was the Kiss concert in Holmenkollen on June 30th. A concert I had been really looking forward to and was a little scared how would be. How would Paul’s voice hold out? Would he sound better than the concert in New Orleans earlier in the year. That concert did not live up to the expectations after Paul’s vocal surgery at all.

The “Kiss weekend” started on Friday the day before the concert. Kiss Army Norway was having a gathering for all Kiss fans on Rock In. I was not able to drink anything because I had to get up with early with the kids the day after. But I decided to take the car and go in to Oslo anyway. Kiss fan arrangements are not something that should be missed. It’s always fun to meet old and new friends and chat a little about Kiss even without alcohol. Continue reading

Interview with Vincent DiGerlando

The Man who created the Kiss Army logo

As I wrote in the intro for the the Dennis Woloch interview I have always been fascinated by all the design done for Kiss in the 70′s and 80′s. A time that everything Kiss related seemed to be real quality stuff when It came to design. I have always thought everything was done by Dennis Woloch. But I was wrong. So I must admit I have been wrong all the times I have been asked who made the Kiss Army logo. It wasn’t Dennis Woloch, It was Vincent DiGerlando.

It’s really cool to be able to present a new person in Kisstory. At least for me. The first time I heard about him was when Dennis Woloch mentioned him in the interview I did with him earlier this year. So It’s a pleasure to present Vincent DeGarlando who worked for Howard Marks Advertising as an Art Director.

Q. Please tell us a little about your background before you started working at Howard Marks Advertising.

Donʼt know how far back youʼd like me to go, but in retrospect, art and music have always been a part of my life. I was inspired by an artistic uncle, had an Italian mother that would sing to me, and my brother, and sister, also had an aunt that became a well known opera singer.

I grew up in a neighbourhood where doo wop groups such as the Plurals, and Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons were discovered. Did a lot of drawing, and painting during my early childhood while being encouraged by my grade school art teacher, who suggested that I attend Arts High School of Music and Art. After high school/college I had jobs in small studios, creating ads, working on magazine designs, creating some logos/letterheads, and doing a few illustrations.

Q. Did you know Dennis Woloch before you started at Howard Marks?

I first met and befriended Dennis Woloch in grade school. We both were fairly good artist, accomplished enough to pass the tests to be accepted in to Arts High School in Newark NJ, as well as have exceptional portfolios to get into Pratt Institute, in Brooklyn NY. Continue reading

Exciting auction – Signed Creatures print proofs

One of a kind artwork

Vincent DiGerlando who worked with Dennis Woloch on many Kiss related projects for Howard Marks Advertising in the 70′s and 80′s, has put up an really exciting auction for “The only existing set of 6 proofs each SIGNED by Dennis Woloch the art director, and designer of many early KISS albums, and promotional items, as well as designer of the album ‘Creatures of the Night’”.

The set includes a set of 6 of these very proofs from 1982, (this set of 6 includes a bonus yellow with magenta proof sheet) indicating each color, and the final album cover, all signed by Dennis Woloch.

See the eBay auction here (the auction is over)