Kiss Ramblings – June 2013

Hey! We got a forum!

After my last post in May was really to do a large report from the concerts in Stockholm and Stavanger. But the month has gone and I have really not had any time to sit down and write anything sensible. There has mostly been work and family for me the last month. I have even had problems finishing the Kiss book I am reading right now, “Kiss – Den Osminkade Sanningen”. I’m almost finished so I will post a review here soon.

Even though I haven’t posted since May there has been some change here. Two weeks ago we launched the forum part of this site. Right now It’s 99% Norwegian. But we have also made a part for English speaking users. So It would be great if English speaking visitors of this site also would drop by the forum and register. The forum is now more or less what the Kiss Army Norway forum was before 2011. Many of the old users haven’t posted much or at all since Kiss Army Norway moved over to the Ning platform, and many of them has in the last two years asked me to set up a new phpBB forum like the one we used to have. And even if I really prefer phpBB to Ning I was quite reluctant because I still was the webmaster for Kiss Army Norway. Continue reading

Kiss Ramblings – May 2013

I’m back!

Six months since the last update. It’s not that my Kiss interest has become any less. It’s just been a really busy winter and spring. So most of my Kiss related projects have been set on hold. First had to find a new job and then I have had other issues with decease in my family. So most of my time has been occupied with finding a new job and taking care of my family.

One good thing is that I finally more or less managed to get my man cave/Kiss room ready. Finally I have a place to display parts of my collection. It’s nice to not have all the stuff in boxes and packed away. My financial situation has also been quite good. So there has been a lot of eBay shopping. A little to much really. The only problem is that the humidity in the basement where I have the man cave. But It seems like I more or less have worked the problem out with a dehumidifier. Continue reading


Kiss Faq but not from the Kiss Faq…

Kiss Faq is a new book from the author of the Black Diamond books Dale Sherman. The first one was a good book back in the days when there was not many Kiss books around. And I also enjoyed the updated version that came out a couple of years ago. Not the most objective Kiss book in the world but still quite good. The second Black Diamond book is maybe not that great. But still a Kiss book that a Kiss book nerd like me have to have.

So I was really curious what Dale would come up with the this time. It’s supposedly part of a series. That’s why It’s have a little confusing name. An name I find a little uncool because everything in the “Kiss world” related to the name “Kiss Faq” is related to Julian Gills And naming the book Kiss Faq after Julian have released a lot of great books are just wrong in my opinion. Continue reading

Makeup to Breakup: My Life In and Out of Kiss

The catmans version of the truth

After quite disappointing books from both Gene and Ace I really felt that Peter probably would be the one that would deliver a book that I would enjoy reading. Even if I have always seen Peter as “the Brooklyn Moaner” It at least should be good entertainment. I brought the signed book with me on the Kiss Kruise, but were not able to read It before I came home.

I really don’t know why. But I really don’t care much for the childhood tales from any of the Kiss members. Peter’s book is no exception. It’s fine to read but not that entertaining. But from when he joins Kiss in the book the really grows. And yes he does do a lot of moaning. But at least he seems sincere and It’s nice to get his version of the story from his point of view. It makes the book a really enjoyable read. Even if It doesn’t really change my view of Peter Criss as a Kiss member much. Peter is really a moaner. And in one way the book is a deep dive into his personality. A guy who is really insecure and feels the world is really against him. But for the most the bad things that happen to him is his own fault even if the feels he has to put the blame on other people. Continue reading

The Kiss Kruise II

Will we ever get there?

Not to get to much into It. But 2012 has not really been my year. Except getting married to the girl of my dreams. And the beginning of what should be the coolest trip of the year almost ended in a disaster. Vegard and I met up at the airport early on monday morning and everything seemed to be going smooth until 30 minutes before the plain to London were supposed to leave. Then suddenly the plane was postponed for hours. So It was easy to understand that we would not be able to catch our plane from London to Miami. Then we got rebooked to fly Oslo – Copenhagen – Manchester – Philadelphia – Orlando – Miami. Something we thought seemed strange since Philadelphia was right in the middle of “Sandy’s” path. And of course we ended up being stranded in Manchester the morning after.

So let’s just say that we did not have much hope for getting on the Kruise on tuesday morning in Manchester, England. But at least we had to try to get there before the boat went on wednesday. We had two alternatives London – Toronto – Miami or London – San Francisco – Miami. And of course the airline company had no way on booking us on a plane to London. So we had to pay for new tickets. But we went for the safe option traveling over San Francisco. One hell off a plane ride to get to Miami. But much better than not getting to Miami at all. So after about 15-16 hours by plane and some waiting in the SF airport we ended up in Miami at 05:00 AM in Miami. Of course without any luggage. And we did not get that back until we came home again. Continue reading


Is It really as good as they say?

I know I said It would be quiet for a while until the renovation at home is ready. But I just had to come with some comments about Monster. The record has been on high rotation since I got the disc on the Kiss release party in Oslo. So I feel that I’m in a position now to give my view on the record. It will maybe not the most in-depth review you will read of the record. And my view may change after listening to It more. But this is my impression may change after more repeated listening. Take It for what It is. My impression after about twenty spins of the disc.

First of all I will have to say that I was not to impressed after listening to the 90 sec iTunes samples that came out some time ago. I’m a big fan of Sonic Boom and this was nothing like Sonic Boom. The only song that I really really liked was “All For The Love Of Rock’n Roll”. And I even said It to some at the release party that I wished Kiss has delivered a more straight Rock’n Roll record like Sonic Boom. So I was really expecting to be let down by Kiss this time around. Not a major letdown but a minor from the great record Sonic Boom was.

But I will be the first to admit how wrong I was. What an incredible album Monster is. After listening to the finished product the album has just grown and grown on me. Even Hell Or Hallelujah that I haven’t been a big fan of since It came out as a iTunes single this summer works incredible well together with the songs on the album. Maybe not the best standalone track, but a great part of a larger picture. Continue reading