KISS & Tell More!

KISS & Tell More!KISS & Tell More!
By: Gebert, Gordon G. G
Published April 1999, 304 pages

Gordons discussions on was quite entertaining, but there is no way It’s entertaining in book form. Neither is the stuff about his promo tour for “Kiss and Tell”. So 90% of this book is crap. There are a couple of entertaining chapters about vintage Peter and Ace stories but not much to write home about. So even if Gordon seems like a cool guy there is no reason to buy this book.

Verdict: 3/10

Guitar World Presents: Kiss

Guitar World Presents: Kiss
By: Shimon Braun
Published February 1998, 129 pages
ISBN: 0793580781

A collection of all the great Kiss articles from “Guitar World”. Most interviews are from around 92-93. It’s a great read. But I’m not really sure what I think of the book as a book. It did not feel like a big deal when it came out and I had read all of the articles before. Anyway its not a bad collection.

Verdict: 5/10

Black Diamond 2

Black Diamond 2Black Diamond 2
By: Sherman, Dale
Published October 1997, 400 pages
ISBN: 189652236X

This was the best collectors book for a while (until Ingo’s book came out) . The only flaws it has are the later part of the book. He wasted a lot of space on a very incomplete bootleg list. He should have used all this space on more foreign releases and merchandise. But its a great book anyway.

This book was really supposed to come out with the first Black Diamond book as an appendix. But Dale and the publisher decided that It would have become to extensive for one publication.

It is a cool book if you collect books but not the collectibles book if I had to choose just one.

Verdict: 6/10

Some books are just crap

KISS Live!
By: St. Michael, Mick
Published: August 1996, 32 pages
ISBN: 0711960089

Revenge Is Sweet: An Illustrated Discography
By: Stevens, Joe
Published: March 1997, 88 pages
ISBN: 0711958203

Virgin Modern Icons: KISS
Published: September 1997
ISBN: 1852276886

Kiss: the Hottest Band in the Land
By: Michael Heatley
Published: November 1996
ISBN: 1873884745

I have decided to take these 4 as one. There were a couple of these books released around the reunion tour. All of them are crap in my mind. A cheap shot at earning some money while Kiss where at their height popularity wise.

Mostly uninteresting text and pictures. There are even pictures of tribute bands in some of them. So if you see them don’t buy them. Even if it’s just to make money people could at least made some effort to release something worthwhile.

The only positive thing about these books are that some of them contains some cool photos. But crap is crap in my book.

Verdict: 1/10


By: Chip Rock Dayton
Published October, 1999, 160 pages.
ISBN: 1890313041

A cool photo book. It is not in the same class as Barry Levine’s “The Kiss Years”. But all the classic shots are great. The photos are quite untraditional when it comes to live shots of Kiss, but that makes the book just even more interesting. The text also make Chip sound more like a fan than a professional artist.

The only thing really I don’t like are his shots from the reunion tour looks really bad . He should have featured a lot more vintage photos instead as they are fantastic. And there is also the issue of size. It should have been much larger.

Verdict: 7/10

The KISS Years

The Kiss YearsThe KISS Years
By: Levine, Barry
Published April 1997, 144 pages
ASIN: 1890313009

Barry is in my mind “the KISS photographer”. The book and CD is really cool. All the pictures are what I remember as classic shots. But what really bothers me about the book is that it is really to short. Barry would have no trouble filling a book the size of Kisstory with great shots. When you have looked through the book it just feels like a little taste and you really want a lot more, a lot more.
Please give us a coffee table book!

The books also features an interview disc with Barry Levine, where he tells about his work with Kiss over the years. Cool idea. But the problem is that it is mostly the same stuff that is featured inside the book.

Verdict: 8/10