Johan Falk and Roney Lundell – Kiss i Sverige

The bible about Kiss in Sweden

This is a book I have been looking forward to reading for years. It almost feels like ten years since I first heard from Johan Falk that he was working on a book about all Kiss visits to Sweden. A really interesting topic for a norwegian Kiss fan like me, because Kiss became huge in Norway because of their success in Sweden. It was Swedish magazines we all read and Swedish Kiss posters we plastered the walls with in the end of the 70′s and the 80′s. Swedish magazines like POSTER Magazine, OKEJ and Rocket were the ones that had all the original content about the band. The few articles in Norwegian magazines were more or less just cut and paste jobs from foreign magazines.

The story about Kiss relationship with Sweden (and of course Norway) is really a special one in Kisstory. There are nowhere around the world you will find as many Kiss fans per capita in the world. And even if Kiss have been huge in both the US, Japan and Australia under certain periods, It does not seem like the same “love story” Kiss have had with Scandinavian countries for decades.

As I said Johan has been working on this book for ages. And in the end he has been able to finish It with help from Roney Lundell and well known figures from Kiss Army Sweden like Marko Rouvinen, Alexander Bergdahl and Niklas Olsson. And has It been worth the wait? Of course It have!

The authors have really managed to reach their goal who was to document all Kiss visits to Sweden as complete as possible. They have managed to track down the most important people and get the essence out of hundreds of hours of interviews.

I was worried for a minute or two when I read that Alexander Bergdahl would be writing all the reviews about all the concerts. He quite a character and even unfriended me on Facebook after writing some positive stuff about todays line-up. So I really feared he would not  be very objective about the bands later concerts in Sweden. Especially after I read Carl Linnaeus book “Kiss – Den Osminkade Sanningen” where he also helped out. But he proved me wrong. His reviews are really good and is more or less how I would have described the Swedish concerts I have seen myself.

The book is filled with facts that I have never read anywhere before, and the pictures are just amazing. There are hundreds of pictures I haven’t seen before. Of course the early ones that gets me most excited. But the quality of the stuff is just incredible throughout the book. So even if you can’t read the book (It’s only in Swedish) It’s worth buying just for the pictures. And if you have the time use Google translate to read the text. It will be worth It.

There is really nothing negative to say about the content at all. And with the enormous amount of content Johan had, Roney have managed to reduce It to a perfect size. There are only two very minor things about the book that bothers me, and the second is even less than minor. First I would have had describing text and credits on the pictures. It’s in the back, but It’s to much work so they will never be read. I’m reading the book for the third time now and I have still to read more than the information for a couple of pics. The second thing are the typography of the quotes. Why Marko has chosen to make them in a smaller font I really don’t know? I would expect It to be the other way around. But It’s not a big deal at all. It just looks a little strange and makes It hard for me to read the quotes without glasses. ;-)

But all in all an incredible book that I will read and look at over and over again. So buy It before the first printing of 2000 are gone! It’s an important book that all “dedicated” Kiss fans should have. And I feel really honored that Johan has put my name in the thank you list of the book. It feels really good to have had even an incredibly small part in helping out putting this book together.

Verdict: 9,9/10

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