Carl Linnaeus – “Kiss – Den osminkade sanningen”.

Really, really close, but no cigar

Kiss - Den Osminkade SanningenOne of the most awaited Kiss books in a long time. Carl have written a lot of great articles for Sweden Rock Magazine, and among them some great Kiss articles. So I was really looking forward to the book, and guessed this could be the ultimate Kiss biography.

First of all, the book is really well written. And It looks great. The cover is probably one of the coolest covers on a Kiss book yet. I also like the pictures he has chosen for the book. It’s nice to at last have the Dennis Woloch pictures in a book. The Ken Kelly sketch is also a nice touch.

And now for the though part, the content. First of all i should say It’s a really good book, and as I said really well written. And If you haven’t read a Kiss biography before this is probably the book for you (if you can read Swedish). And Carl has also interviewed some of the coolest subjects in Kisstory for the book. But that is really where the problem starts for me.

As a person with a pretty extensive Kiss library It feels a lot as I have read most of this before. Of course there are some tidbits that’s new and I find really interesting. But I just feel with all the characters Carl have access to It’s a real shame that he haven’t dug deeper into their history with Kiss. Like Dennis Woloch. He has had so much more history with Kiss beside designing the covers. But as most of the other interview subjects in the book It seems like he is only scratching the surface, so we only get the same stories that have been told before. The exception is Jean Beauvoir that goes deeper than most of the other stuff.

I would also like some more references in some places. It’s a little difficult sometimes to see what’s facts, claims and the what’s the author’s own opinions.

I must admit that I’m also not that fond of stuff that’s written in a narrative way when the writer is not part of what is happening. And Carl does this in the start of some chapters. It’s not a big thing. It just ends up sounding like fiction to me and that’s not a nice touch in a biography for me. It’s a different genre for me.

What’s really nice is that the book goes up more or less to today. And there are some quite interesting stuff from the last couple of years. Even if Carl does not go deep into this period and omits stuff I would like to read about like the Kiss Kruise etc.

But even with all my negatives. Don’t be scared. If you’re able to read the book and you’re a Kiss fan It’s a must buy. And It’s probably the first really good ordinary Kiss biography around, even if It does not really go deep into what happened in Kisstory trough the years. So It’s really good. But It’s not “magical” like I hoped It would be.

Verdict: 8/10

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