Kiss Ramblings – June 2013

Hey! We got a forum!

After my last post in May was really to do a large report from the concerts in Stockholm and Stavanger. But the month has gone and I have really not had any time to sit down and write anything sensible. There has mostly been work and family for me the last month. I have even had problems finishing the Kiss book I am reading right now, “Kiss – Den Osminkade Sanningen”. I’m almost finished so I will post a review here soon.

Even though I haven’t posted since May there has been some change here. Two weeks ago we launched the forum part of this site. Right now It’s 99% Norwegian. But we have also made a part for English speaking users. So It would be great if English speaking visitors of this site also would drop by the forum and register. The forum is now more or less what the Kiss Army Norway forum was before 2011. Many of the old users haven’t posted much or at all since Kiss Army Norway moved over to the Ning platform, and many of them has in the last two years asked me to set up a new phpBB forum like the one we used to have. And even if I really prefer phpBB to Ning I was quite reluctant because I still was the webmaster for Kiss Army Norway.

But then suddenly I was not the webmaster of Kiss Army Norway anymore. So why not start up what I and all the others have been missing since the old forum went down. A real phpBB forum, and get It optimized for smartphones so we don’t have to stay on our PC’s to post. Since Kiss Army Norway moved over to Ning I have posted more on the Kissfaq forums then on Kiss Army Norway. But I really felt that I missed all the great forum members from our old forum. So I just thought what the hell, let’s start our own forum.

Then a little about the reason why I quit Kiss Army Norway. A lot of people have asked me over the last couple of weeks why I have quit, but i have been quite reluctant to say anything about It. But today somebody posted a post on the Kiss Army Norway boards something that about why I quit that was kind of a half truth. So I guess I will give those who are interested a little explanation. And those of you who don’t care can just stop reading now.

I started as the webmaster for Kiss Army Norway in the fall of 2004 after I had done some work for Stig when he was not able to take of the site for a while. And I at once started to build up the site and forum from something I found to be quite archaic, to something in my mind quite good for 2004/2005. For the first of half of 2005 Stig was quite involved in the news part of the site. Mostly with the promotion of the “Gods Of Thunder” album he was involved in with Voices Of Wonder.

Just before the release of “Gods Of Thunder” Stig asked me if I wanted to run the site after the album was released, because he had no time to run the fan club. So I thought what the heck. I really like the all the people on the forum so I really wanted to continue It to be a great place to post daily. And that is what lead up to what somebody has called the “golden age” of the KAN forums 2005-2009. And believe me, from the summer of 2005 until 2009 I was doing 90% of all the work with Kiss Army Norway.

In the beginning of 2010 Stig told me he wanted to be more involved with the site again. And It was something I thought was really great. Especially since I had two small kids that took up most of my spare time. But even then I wanted to move the site over to a new platform. So I had a great thought about moving the site over to WordPress and integrating the phpBB even more with the site. Something I used a lot of time and vacation on during the spring of 2010. We tried to release It before the tour in 2010. But the MySQL server we had then was so crappy that It didn’t support the site when we got a lot of traffic. So we had to change the site back to the old one until we found new hosting.

Thats about the same time what I got back from working with the fan club started to demotivate me. OK. I got Meet & Greets in both 2008 (Keith contacted me the and not Stig) and 2010. But the other three guys got “All Access” passes on all the gigs they went to. I just felt that if the other guys had worked a little for me they would have had no problem getting me a pass also. But I kept my mouth shut, even when people were asking me why I didn’t get any pass, when the other guys did. And even if I have a lot of shots with me with the band I have paid for three of the five M&Gs I have been to myself.

In the fall of 2010 we put up a new WordPress and phpBB site that I thought was the best we had done until then. And for a couple of months I thought It worked quite well. Even if the participation on the forum part could not measure up with what It was a couple of years earlier. So right before Christmas Stig told me that he wanted to switch platforms. He wanted a site that was more of a social platform than what the site was. Something I was really against from day one. But I went along with It because he was paying the bills and owned the domain. So we migrated the whole site over to Ning. And I tried to like It even if It’s was not close to user friendly and a really shitty platform to work with from both a designer and developer side of things. One thing is great. It would probably survive a nuclear disaster and you can store as many pics as you want. But lets face It. For a user, It’s shit. But I tried to make the best of It and even tried to be positive about the change. Even if I thought many times as a professional, what are I putting my name to. The change was also the reason I started this site. Because Ning is no place for articles and a disaster when It comes to SEO. I really like the stuff I write to be read. Not only by the people who are members of the site.

Then It became 2012 and I told Stig how I felt about things. And I really felt like I should get the same deal as the others. But It didn’t happened and I quit. But after a little back and forth I really felt that Stig understood how I felt. So I thought, OK let’s give It another chance. But in the back of my head I really didn’t believe It. So my participation on the site the last year has not been that huge.

A couple of weeks before the tour started this year Stig wrote me about his big plans for the new site. And I really got quite exited about his plans. But I told him that if I was going to do a lot of work on the site I wanted to be treated like an equal this time around. After that the communication more or less died. Until I met the three guys backstage in Stockholm with “All Access” passes. The reason I was backstage was to take a new picture because the picture from the Meet & Greet I paid for in Stockholm 2010 turned out really bad. The meeting was really awkward and not something I really would like to experience again.

On my way home from Stockholm I was really confused about what I should do about the whole situation. But then I got the news that made me realize that enough is enough. One of my best friends had died of a heart attack the same weekend. Life is just to short to keep doing stuff you really feel you get the payback you should get for. Especially when It’s not something that feeds your family. So I thought that if I don’t hear anything from Stig during the weekend I will just tell him I quit. And that’s just what happened. The morning after the Stavanger concert there was posted a picture on Facebook with Stig, Lars-Gøran and Cato with the text Kiss and Kiss Army Norway I thought. Well that’s It. I’m not considered one of the guys anyway, why bother …

Stig has written me afterwards about how hard It was to get passes etc. But as long as he was able to get his girlfriend a pass It could not have been that difficult.

On a personal level I have no problems with the three KAN guys. I’m just sad It ended like It did. I wish we could have found a common platform to make Kiss Army Norway what It could have been.  I wish Stig & Co all the best with Kiss Army Norway. And starting the forum has nothing to do with being vindictive. It is as I said something people have been asking me to do for ages. And It has started really well. So I hope It continues like that.

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