Kiss Ramblings – June 2013

Hey! We got a forum!

After my last post in May was really to do a large report from the concerts in Stockholm and Stavanger. But the month has gone and I have really not had any time to sit down and write anything sensible. There has mostly been work and family for me the last month. I have even had problems finishing the Kiss book I am reading right now, “Kiss – Den Osminkade Sanningen”. I’m almost finished so I will post a review here soon.

Even though I haven’t posted since May there has been some change here. Two weeks ago we launched the forum part of this site. Right now It’s 99% Norwegian. But we have also made a part for English speaking users. So It would be great if English speaking visitors of this site also would drop by the forum and register. The forum is now more or less what the Kiss Army Norway forum was before 2011. Many of the old users haven’t posted much or at all since Kiss Army Norway moved over to the Ning platform, and many of them has in the last two years asked me to set up a new phpBB forum like the one we used to have. And even if I really prefer phpBB to Ning I was quite reluctant because I still was the webmaster for Kiss Army Norway. Continue reading