Kiss Ramblings – May 2013

I’m back!

Six months since the last update. It’s not that my Kiss interest has become any less. It’s just been a really busy winter and spring. So most of my Kiss related projects have been set on hold. First had to find a new job and then I have had other issues with decease in my family. So most of my time has been occupied with finding a new job and taking care of my family.

One good thing is that I finally more or less managed to get my man cave/Kiss room ready. Finally I have a place to display parts of my collection. It’s nice to not have all the stuff in boxes and packed away. My financial situation has also been quite good. So there has been a lot of eBay shopping. A little to much really. The only problem is that the humidity in the basement where I have the man cave. But It seems like I more or less have worked the problem out with a dehumidifier.

My last Kiss related purchase is a order for one of Harry Lee’s great custom Kiss figures. I have started with a Gene Dynasty figure. I just can’t wait until It’s finished. He is just an incredible artist. And custom figures are not easy to make. Believe me. I have tried.

And then there are the European Kiss concerts this summer. I’m only attending two shows this year because I have started a new job and can’t stay away from the office much this summer. But I will be at the first show of the tour in Stockholm and in Stavanger one week later. The Stockholm show will also be the premiere for the new Monster stage. So I’m really looking forward to that. I will try and get you guys full reviews of both shows.

And of course there is the Kiss Kruise III in October. So It will be a great Kiss year for me. See you all soon.

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