Kiss Faq but not from the Kiss Faq…

Kiss Faq is a new book from the author of the Black Diamond books Dale Sherman. The first one was a good book back in the days when there was not many Kiss books around. And I also enjoyed the updated version that came out a couple of years ago. Not the most objective Kiss book in the world but still quite good. The second Black Diamond book is maybe not that great. But still a Kiss book that a Kiss book nerd like me have to have.

So I was really curious what Dale would come up with the this time. It’s supposedly part of a series. That’s why It’s have a little confusing name. An name I find a little uncool because everything in the “Kiss world” related to the name “Kiss Faq” is related to Julian Gills And naming the book Kiss Faq after Julian have released a lot of great books are just wrong in my opinion.

But lets not butcher a book because It has the wrong name. The book is actually quite good. Not among the best Kiss books I have read. But a lot more objective than i found Black Diamond to be. The book is very fact orientated and It’s very obvious that the author doesn’t have any inside information on the band. And there is not much new stuff that haven’t been covered in other Kiss books. So I really would say It’s more a book for a “Kiss novice” than a long time fan that has read a lot about Kiss. But the author should have kudos for having small chapters on Bill Aucoin, Sean Delaney etc.

What I do find confusing about the book is how the content is divided in the book. It’s really isn’t chronological and jumps all over the place. I understand that the author wanted to do It a little bit different. But I’m not really sure how good It works. But the quality content makes It readable anyway.

Would I recommend buying the book? Not really sure. For Kiss book nerds It’s a must. But for someone just interested reading about the history of the band I would really pick up Julian Gill’s Kiss Album Focus book or even the second edition of Dale Sherman’s Black Diamond book.

Verdict: 6/10



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