Makeup to Breakup: My Life In and Out of Kiss

The catmans version of the truth

After quite disappointing books from both Gene and Ace I really felt that Peter probably would be the one that would deliver a book that I would enjoy reading. Even if I have always seen Peter as “the Brooklyn Moaner” It at least should be good entertainment. I brought the signed book with me on the Kiss Kruise, but were not able to read It before I came home.

I really don’t know why. But I really don’t care much for the childhood tales from any of the Kiss members. Peter’s book is no exception. It’s fine to read but not that entertaining. But from when he joins Kiss in the book the really grows. And yes he does do a lot of moaning. But at least he seems sincere and It’s nice to get his version of the story from his point of view. It makes the book a really enjoyable read. Even if It doesn’t really change my view of Peter Criss as a Kiss member much. Peter is really a moaner. And in one way the book is a deep dive into his personality. A guy who is really insecure and feels the world is really against him. But for the most the bad things that happen to him is his own fault even if the feels he has to put the blame on other people.

His description of Gene and Paul is more or less how I would expect It to be. And my appreciation of the guys are really higher than before I read the book. From what I can read from in-between the lines they really threaded Peter more than fair. Peters portrayal of Ace is a lot less flattering than I would expect It to be. He seems to feel that he has been more or less betrayed by the guy in the band that really should have covered his back.

The coverage of the history of Kiss is much better than in any of the other two Kiss biographies. And even if there are a couple of factual faults they are not as common as in the other Kiss biographies. So as a Kiss biography I really love this book. Even if It doesn’t do Peter any favors.

So I must applaud Peter for his sincerity in the book. I only wish he had dived even deeper into a lot of stuff in Kisstory. But good stuff always leaves you wanting more… Buy the damn book!

Verdict: 8/10



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