The Kiss Kruise II

Will we ever get there?

Not to get to much into It. But 2012 has not really been my year. Except getting married to the girl of my dreams. And the beginning of what should be the coolest trip of the year almost ended in a disaster. Vegard and I met up at the airport early on monday morning and everything seemed to be going smooth until 30 minutes before the plain to London were supposed to leave. Then suddenly the plane was postponed for hours. So It was easy to understand that we would not be able to catch our plane from London to Miami. Then we got rebooked to fly Oslo – Copenhagen – Manchester – Philadelphia – Orlando – Miami. Something we thought seemed strange since Philadelphia was right in the middle of “Sandy’s” path. And of course we ended up being stranded in Manchester the morning after.

So let’s just say that we did not have much hope for getting on the Kruise on tuesday morning in Manchester, England. But at least we had to try to get there before the boat went on wednesday. We had two alternatives London – Toronto – Miami or London – San Francisco – Miami. And of course the airline company had no way on booking us on a plane to London. So we had to pay for new tickets. But we went for the safe option traveling over San Francisco. One hell off a plane ride to get to Miami. But much better than not getting to Miami at all. So after about 15-16 hours by plane and some waiting in the SF airport we ended up in Miami at 05:00 AM in Miami. Of course without any luggage. And we did not get that back until we came home again. Continue reading