Is It really as good as they say?

I know I said It would be quiet for a while until the renovation at home is ready. But I just had to come with some comments about Monster. The record has been on high rotation since I got the disc on the Kiss release party in Oslo. So I feel that I’m in a position now to give my view on the record. It will maybe not the most in-depth review you will read of the record. And my view may change after listening to It more. But this is my impression may change after more repeated listening. Take It for what It is. My impression after about twenty spins of the disc.

First of all I will have to say that I was not to impressed after listening to the 90 sec iTunes samples that came out some time ago. I’m a big fan of Sonic Boom and this was nothing like Sonic Boom. The only song that I really really liked was “All For The Love Of Rock’n Roll”. And I even said It to some at the release party that I wished Kiss has delivered a more straight Rock’n Roll record like Sonic Boom. So I was really expecting to be let down by Kiss this time around. Not a major letdown but a minor from the great record Sonic Boom was.

But I will be the first to admit how wrong I was. What an incredible album Monster is. After listening to the finished product the album has just grown and grown on me. Even Hell Or Hallelujah that I haven’t been a big fan of since It came out as a iTunes single this summer works incredible well together with the songs on the album. Maybe not the best standalone track, but a great part of a larger picture.

Listening to the album for the firs time reminded me very much about how I felt listening to Creatures Of The Night for the first time in 1982. I can’t really say why. But the vibe of the record feels a lot of the same to me. A band that has gone heavier with a lot to prove. The only slightly weak point of the album for me is probably the track listing for me.

The two songs I find weaker than the rest on the album are probably the two first songs (Hell Or Hallelujah and Wall Of Sound). Not that they are weak songs. But they are just not so incredible as the rest of the record.

After that we get Freak and the rest of the record is just amazing. And the rest of the song more or less will stand up to anything in the Kiss catalog. Especially Gene shines on this record. So like last time on Sonic Boom It seems like Paul is able to pull out the best of Gene in the recording studio. Not only his songwriting and vocals. But his bass playing on Monster is just incredible.

Of course It’s no way coming around that Paul’s voice is quite rough these days. But to me It’s no big problem on Monster. His songs and the mood of Monster suits his rough way of singing these days. So in the studio It still works. I also feel that his songs on Monster are even more solid than they were on Sonic Boom.

All in all Monster is a great record. Sonic Boom probably had one or two songs that were more stand out tracks than there is on this album. But It also had a couple of tracks that were a little weaker. I just don’t find that on Monster. Even if I find the two first tracks to be weaker than the rest of the tracks.

Verdict: 9/10

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