Kiss ramblings – May 2012

When disappointment turned into a wonderful surprise!

WOW! It has been a busy month. It all started with disappointment when Sonisphere were cancelled last month. And even if I’m seeing the band on the Kruise in October I had really looked forward to the show in July. But what did we get instead…? A one of show in OSLO! I must admit I almost hit the ceiling when I got the news that the show at Kollen was confirmed. And It wasn’t easy keeping quiet to all the great Kiss fans I know during the weeks before the festival went public with the news. Who would have guessed that Kiss would do their only performance in Europe in tiny little Norway? Even if It’s probably a quite logical because the economy here is probably the best in Europe right now. And Norway is full of Kiss fans. Probably most per capita in the world. Just look at the attendance figures for the Kiss Kruise right now.

So now we can only look forward to one of the few Kiss shows they will play in almost daylight. That the only bad thing about playing outside in Norway in the summertime. But Kollen is a great place ‘on the top’ of Oslo. And if the weather is good there is no place like Oslo in the summer. There has also been rumours about a club gig in London on July 4th. But as today nothing has been confirmed. The only thing that’s more or less confirmed is that Kiss will be doing some press in Europe at the same time as the Oslo concert, and Tommy confirmed that they will be in London at Indy Expo this weekend.

I haven’t really had much time to dive into any of the Kiss books that are missing on the site yet. But I will try to write some reviews during this summer. There will probably be a cool interview again soon also.

So until then. Buy your tickets to the show in Kollen. And if your not sure if your going or not. Do it! Oslo and Norway is great in the summertime.

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