Kiss ramblings II – April 2012

The Amish Kiss Army strikes again…

The last weeks there has been much to think about in the “Kissworld”. It seems that Kiss two appearances on “Dancing With The Stars” more or less mobilized all the negative forces in Kiss fandom on the Internet. Not that there is anything wrong with being critical of the appearances or anything else in the world of Kiss. But when a few fans starts to get very vocal about the same old topics they have had issues with for over ten years It get’s really boring, very fast.

It all started with Paul’s vocal issues in New Orleans. Most fans were troubled and showed concerns about his voice. That is as one should expect. And some even ment that It was time to call It a day, and quit if he didn’t get better. A fair opinion. But then you get all the hangers on that started discussing all the same shit they have raved about for over the last decade. Everything from “Bring back Ace and Peter”, “Kiss is a tribute band” , “Double standards” and all the stuff about the make-up. Rambling on like drunken idiots in the street. Not knowing when enough is enough and It’s time to stop. It’s not that we haven’t understood that a lot of people have issues with Tommy, Eric, the make-up etc. But please give It a rest, please… If I had hated what the band is today I would not bother using any time on them and just concentrate on what was and live on those memories.

First of all. As many of you know I have been a fan since 1978 and my fandom is firmly rooted in the period with the originals. I grew up with Ace and Peter as “house gods”. Ace was even my favorite in the band for many years. And I love those guys to death for what they did in the 70′s, and to a certain degree for what they did under the reunion. But not to the degree that I don’t understand that the band always was really Paul and Genes band. From the moment they quit Wicked Lester to this day. And even more after Peter and Ace was fired/quit. But face It. If It had not been for Gene and Paul there would have had been no Kiss after 1980-82. The two “rock’n rollers” of the band more or less shot themselves in the foot when they were fired/left the band. Even If I love the guys and the solo stuff I haven’t much respect for how they almost fucked up the band and themselves over and over and over…

I am also quite sure that the reason that Paul and Gene tried to hold on to both Ace and Peter during different periods after the reunion/Farewell tour is because they were quite sure It would not work commercially without the two other guys, and not because they wanted them in the band. The first time under the reunion was probably quite good. But lets face It. Life in a dysfunctional family gets old fast, really fast.

After the Farewell tour I have seen most stuff that’s happened just as a bonus. And what a bonus It has been. I must admit that I really wasn’t to happy with how It started with the Kiss Symphony and the Aerosmith tour. Mostly because I thought the Symphony was a bad idea and Peter just didn’t cut It as a drummer any more. He wasn’t really good enough on the previous tours either. And when Ace was not longer in the band, there were no reason for Peter to be there either.

After that period I have been more or less just a happy camper. Even if I didn’t agree with Paul and Gene arguments about not being willing to record new albums in the beginning. Something I more or less think was Paul’s idea in the first place. Since Gene as late as 2004 said (in Oslo) that they would record a new Kiss record as soon as Paul had gotten his solo album out of his system.

Especially after 2008 It feels like Kiss have had a second life, even if Paul’s voice has been deteriorating. The band as a whole has sounded much tighter and better than for a long time. And I really have enjoyed the shows with Tommy and Eric much more than I did the second and third times around with Ace and Peter in the band. One has really to go back to the Revenge area to find a lineup that I have enjoyed so much musically.

For me todays lineup has more than justified their existence with Sonic Boom and all the great tours we have had in the last years. Of course It isn’t the same band that we saw on stage in 1977. Gene and Paul are older, a little rounder and more stale on stage. But who cares? Who would have dreamt twelve years ago that we still would have Kiss touring and making records in 2012. For me as a fan It’s more than a dream come through, and they have given me so many incredible memories after the Farewell Tour that I will be eternally grateful.

Am I bothered about Kiss appearing on “Dancing With The Stars”? Not the least. Kiss has always taken any possibility to promote themselves. And those of us that have watched The Paul Lynde Halloween Special from 1976 must agree that that was a much more daft than “Dancing With The Stars”. A really crappy show with a great appearance by Kiss. And I really had as much problems with the figure skaters in front of Kiss during the Olympics in 2002, the models on stage during the Lane Bryant show (2002) and the cheerleaders at the Super Bowl appearance in 1998, as the dancers on “Dancing With The Stars”.

And when people like Eddie Trunk more or less makes the appearance on “Dancing With The Stars” to be the great proof what todays Kiss has become. It’s just stupid. He, as most archaic fans who has a religious relation to the image and Ace and Peter are just trying to find a way to justify their opinions. Opinions he has been vocal about the last twelve years. I feel sorry for those Kiss fans who are not able to open their blinders and understand that today’s band are the same fun and good music as It always has been. Not seeing, just because they don’t want to see It.

Lets face It. If It had not been for Gene and Paul there would had not been any Kiss after 1982. And It’s thank to them we have had a band through all the years and not just something we can fondly remember from the 70′s and our youth. There have been a lot of ups and downs through the years. And there has been many times during those years I have shaken my head with disbelief and not understood the choices they have made. I even find both Gene and Paul to be quite pompous with little understanding for what I and most other die-hards would like from the band most of the time. But It’s all fine at the end of the day because of all that they have given me through the years. A magic ride with the coolest band in the world, a roller coaster ride with a lot of ups and downs. But still a magic ride.

And an extra credit to Tommy and Eric who makes It possible for Gene and Paul to continue Kiss’s legacy in the way they do. Over the years I have grown to respect and love them as Kiss members in the same way as Peter and Ace was. Even if even I must admit there were something superior about the original line-up (a long time ago, in the 70′s).

God, I really love this band! And I am really looking forward to seeing them live later this year!

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