Kiss ramblings – April 2012

A Monster and the pink elephant

It has been a couple of busy weeks in this ‘Kissworld’ and on all the Kiss forums on the Internet. At first we had the Opening of Kiss Monster Mini Golf. An event that probably would not have gained much publicity if Kiss had not been there themselves. Not something that I really care much for myself. But It was fun seeing a complete band without makeup looking real good. The ‘golf thing’ in itself doesn’t bother me at all, I just find It a little goofy. Just as getting married in a Kiss chapel. It’s just not for me… But if Gene & Paul can earn money from It the more power to them.

On March 20th Kiss both had a press-conference with Mötley Crüe announcing “The Tour” they are playing this summer, and  played four songs on Jimmy Kimmel.

The press conference was also the debut of the new Monster outfits. I’m still on the fence about them. But I have always had problems with new outfits. So they probably will sink in sooner or later. The only thing I know I will continue to have problems with are Gene’s ‘unbrushed’ dinosaur teeth. They just make him look to big. And there is something about how they are positioned so they look as they are put on the wrong way. The feather shoulder pads Paul had on the press conference and on Kimmel I have no problem with. It’s the top with all the silver details that looked a little strange to me. But as I said, both outfits will probably grow on me.

The press conference in itself didn’t really tell much more than what we already knew. Kiss will tour as co-headliners with Mötley Crüe this summer in the US. And thank God that Mötley will be opening. Something else would just be wrong. I hated when Kiss started their set before Aerosmith in 2003.  Most people seemed excited about the pairing. Myself have found Mötley more or less dead boring the last couple of years, so I wasn’t to thrilled. I would prefer a longer set from Kiss. But It’s OK. A least It’s not Poison again.

The appearance on the Jimmi Kimmel show I thought was really cool. Paul maybe sounded a little rough. But better than he did on other TV-appearances since 2008. I didn’t expect them to play anything from Monster so that didn’t dissapoint me at all when they just played old classic stuff. And there was something really refreshing about seeing them in new outfits on stage again. Jimmi Kimmel and Kiss seems to be a great pairing. All the performances they have done on his show has been great. And the appearances made me really look forward to seeing Kiss on Sonisphere (London) in July and on the Kruise this fall.

And then the bad news started to come in. Sonisphere, Kiss only gig in Europe this year was canceled. No real good explanation has been given by the organizers, but the tickets has probably not sold well. Especially the Queen fans seems not to have been very thrilled that they were playing with Adam Lambert on vocals. So this will be my second tour to the UK in a year that have been canceled and money lost for the plain tickets. No big point going to the UK for just a couple of hours to have fun. At least It is not Kiss fault…

So finally the New Orleans concert that were streamed over the web last Friday. There hasn’t been many Kiss events that have started so much debate on the net ever. It was the big debut for Paul’s voice after his surgery in November. There has been some clips posted on the net from other appearances he did in December and January were he sounded quite good, so the anticipation was quite high.

It all started with the clips posted from the sound check on Thursday. Already on the sound check Paul sounded really rough. And It didn’t become much better during the show on Friday. It was difficult to understand that this was the same Paul that we had heard on the clips posted on YouTube from after the surgery. I would not go as far as to say that this is the worst I have heard Paul ever. As some of the shows in 2010-2011 have been less than satisfying when It comes to Paul’s vocals. But the New Orleans show was quite close. The rest of the band was solid and more or less what I expected. And after watching the gig a couple of times I was still able to enjoy the show for what It was. A warm up show for the Monster tour. Even with It’s faults.

So the question everybody has. Is this the voice Paul will have on the tour this summer? Was he sick or just having a bad day? Let’s hope so. I really can’t see how he will manage to continue a long tour over two years if his voice will be this rough to start with at the beginning of the tour. If this is the state of his vocals then I wonder what has happened since January? Let’s just hope he was having a bad couple of days and that we can look forward to a Monster tour this summer with Paul back in shape. I’m as excited as a little kid for the new album and tour (even if I won’t be able to see any US shows before the Kruise).

Let’s just hope and pray that Paul’s vocals get better.

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