Kiss ramblings II – April 2012

The Amish Kiss Army strikes again…

The last weeks there has been much to think about in the “Kissworld”. It seems that Kiss two appearances on “Dancing With The Stars” more or less mobilized all the negative forces in Kiss fandom on the Internet. Not that there is anything wrong with being critical of the appearances or anything else in the world of Kiss. But when a few fans starts to get very vocal about the same old topics they have had issues with for over ten years It get’s really boring, very fast.

It all started with Paul’s vocal issues in New Orleans. Most fans were troubled and showed concerns about his voice. That is as one should expect. And some even ment that It was time to call It a day, and quit if he didn’t get better. A fair opinion. But then you get all the hangers on that started discussing all the same shit they have raved about for over the last decade. Everything from “Bring back Ace and Peter”, “Kiss is a tribute band” , “Double standards” and all the stuff about the make-up. Rambling on like drunken idiots in the street. Not knowing when enough is enough and It’s time to stop. It’s not that we haven’t understood that a lot of people have issues with Tommy, Eric, the make-up etc. But please give It a rest, please… If I had hated what the band is today I would not bother using any time on them and just concentrate on what was and live on those memories. Continue reading

Kiss ramblings – April 2012

A Monster and the pink elephant

It has been a couple of busy weeks in this ‘Kissworld’ and on all the Kiss forums on the Internet. At first we had the Opening of Kiss Monster Mini Golf. An event that probably would not have gained much publicity if Kiss had not been there themselves. Not something that I really care much for myself. But It was fun seeing a complete band without makeup looking real good. The ‘golf thing’ in itself doesn’t bother me at all, I just find It a little goofy. Just as getting married in a Kiss chapel. It’s just not for me… But if Gene & Paul can earn money from It the more power to them.

On March 20th Kiss both had a press-conference with Mötley Crüe announcing “The Tour” they are playing this summer, and  played four songs on Jimmy Kimmel.

The press conference was also the debut of the new Monster outfits. I’m still on the fence about them. But I have always had problems with new outfits. So they probably will sink in sooner or later. The only thing I know I will continue to have problems with are Gene’s ‘unbrushed’ dinosaur teeth. They just make him look to big. And there is something about how they are positioned so they look as they are put on the wrong way. The feather shoulder pads Paul had on the press conference and on Kimmel I have no problem with. It’s the top with all the silver details that looked a little strange to me. But as I said, both outfits will probably grow on me. Continue reading