Bob Gruen – Rock Seen

Incredible Photography

This is really not a review but a little note about a photo book all classic rock fans should have. The book is really not a Kiss book, even if It’s a Kiss related. But I just have to mention the book since It is absolutely awesome.

Bob Gruen is the photographer that have more or less photographed most rock stars that deserves a picture. He was part of the rock scene in New York in the 70′s and have documented the scene thoroughly. For us Kiss fans he is mostly known as the photographer that shoot the famous Dressed To Kiss picture. But he was also present from the beginning of 1974 through the 70′s.

For us Kiss fans the book contains the Dressed To Kill picture, DTK outtake, pictures from the Creem cartoon written by Sean Delaney, picture from Nagoya 1977 and live shots from the Love Gun tour. There are also some cool Kiss pictures in photo montages throughout the book.

The book is also filled with incredible pictures from the famous John Lennon “New York City” photo, to pictures of The New York Dolls, The Ramones, The Clash and on and on. Buy It!

Verdict: 10/10