Kiss ramblings – December 2011

Jingle bells all the way…

At last I have been able to sit down with a little update. There isn’t much Kiss related this time around since Ace cancelled his UK dates in the beginning of December. So beside a little eBay shopping there hasn’t been Kiss stuff happening. I bought myself a Kiss garbage can from the 70′s. A real cool Kiss item I have wanted for a long time. The one I got was quite rusty. But at least I have It now. Hopefully I will find a better one in the future. And the kids love It.  The lunch box, garbage can and Mego dolls are probably my favourite items from 70′s. So now after may years I have them all. I also got a real nice thermos to go with the lunch box.

Now It’s almost Christmas and I have not much Christmas feeling at all. I’m just feeling tired after a really busy month. I started my new job as a Senior Web Designer in a new company at the beginning of the month. And that has been a really cool experience. Lot’s of cool people and It feels like there is a really good wibe in the whole company. But that’s about the only good thing that has happened to me all month.

All the family has more or less been sick since in September. And It all culminated with my 86 year old mother getting double sided pneumonia in the last week of November. And It was so bad I thought she was going to die. And she probably would have if I had not managed to ‘fight’ her way in to hospital. So most of my time beside work and taking care of the kids have been visiting the hospital. On top of that the kids of course became sick again.

That Ace cancelled his UK dates didn’t actually brighten up the month either. But at least we managed to get refunds for our hotel and the ticket for the London gig. This will be the last time I will make any plans going to a Ace concert if I’m not able to drive or just have a cheap plane ticket to London. He is just to unreliable to spend a lot of money on otherwise. So the ‘Kiss money’ I saved will be going to the ‘Simmons & Co retirement fund’ next year instead of in Ace’s pocket.

Hopefully I will manage to do some updates on this site in the Christmas week if things goes the way I have planned. And there is also an awesome exclusive interview coming up. So keep checking the site out. There are some cool stuff coming.

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