Kiss ramblings – December 2011

Jingle bells all the way…

At last I have been able to sit down with a little update. There isn’t much Kiss related this time around since Ace cancelled his UK dates in the beginning of December. So beside a little eBay shopping there hasn’t been Kiss stuff happening. I bought myself a Kiss garbage can from the 70′s. A real cool Kiss item I have wanted for a long time. The one I got was quite rusty. But at least I have It now. Hopefully I will find a better one in the future. And the kids love It.  The lunch box, garbage can and Mego dolls are probably my favourite items from 70′s. So now after may years I have them all. I also got a real nice thermos to go with the lunch box.

Now It’s almost Christmas and I have not much Christmas feeling at all. I’m just feeling tired after a really busy month. I started my new job as a Senior Web Designer in a new company at the beginning of the month. And that has been a really cool experience. Lot’s of cool people and It feels like there is a really good wibe in the whole company. But that’s about the only good thing that has happened to me all month. Continue reading