Ace Frehley – No Regrets

Lost in the Ozone?

Ace Frehley No RegretsThat Ace Frehley were about to release an autobiography raised many eyebrows when the news first came out. What would the man really remember from the decades of substance abuse before his sobriety was one of questions that were asked when the news was leaked. Would we get the story from the «other part» of the band at last?

Gene and Paul have more or less told their story in Gene’s book, interviews and in the audio commentary for Kissology. And many fans have more or less been pissed on them because they believe especially Gene uses every possible moment to make negative comments about Ace and Peter. Would ‘No Regrets’ be Ace’s chance to prove them wrong. Had all his decisions about Kiss over the years been taken for good reasons that Gene and Paul just didn’t understand?

So as you understand I was really excited about this book. Especially when I heard that Ace were getting help because he didn’t feel that he would remember most of the details good enough because his substance abuse during the years. And I didn’t get less excited when the first parts of the book about his childhood and youth were published online before the book came out. Continue reading

Sean Delaney – Highway

The fifth solo album

Today I’m going to write a little about the record that is probably my favorite Kiss related album. An album that is right up there with all the Kiss solo albums from 1978. And The album is Sean Delaney’s Highway. An “forgotten” album that not many Kiss fans know about but really should try to get hold of.

Sean Delaney who is often called “the fifth Kiss member” recorded his one and only solo album almost simultaneously with the Kiss solo albums. The record has a lot of similarities to both Peter and Gene’s albums. Not very strange since Sean produced both Gene’s album and did a lot of the production work on Peter’s album before Vini Poncia came into the picture. Sean also supposedly wrote most of the songs on Peter’s album that weren’t leftovers from the old Chelsea songs Peter recycled on his solo album. Sean even went as far as to say that there were more of his voice on “I Can’t Stop The Rain” than Peter. An leftover that were demoed for Peter’s album called “Spotlights” is also rerecorded on Highway. This time only credited to Sean.

The musicians on the album are also a lot of the same people who played on Peter’s solo album. Many of the same guys who Sean used to have as musicans when he used to make radio jingles. Like Paul Shaffer and Alan Schwartzberg. There is a whole chapter about that in the book about Sean “Hellbox” if anybody want’s to dive deeper into the story about Sean. Continue reading

Kiss ramblings – November 2011

Time flies and suddenly It’s November.

You TubeI have just finished Ace Frehley’s book ‘No Regrets’ and will publish a review of the book when I have been able to read the book a second time. I haven’t received the two books I have ordered yet. One from Amazon and a signed copy from So I have read the Kindle version bought from Amazon on my iPad. This is the first time I have read a whole book in digital form. And I must admit that I think It’s a pretty crappy way to read. Give me a real book any day. So I wont write a review before I have read the book as Physical Media. That would be unfair to both you readers and Ace.

I have also received a lot of video from the Kiss Kruise from my friends who went. And together with all the video that’s ‘floating around’ It must be one of the best documented events in ‘Kisstory’. You should just know how depressed that I wasn’t able to go. If It had been a money issue that would be one thing… But enough about that. If there is a next time you can be sure I will be there. Continue reading