Kiss in Starlet

Starlet was a teenage magazine for girls. But in a time were Kiss fans were starved for information most guys also bowed their heads in shame and bought the magazine because It had Kiss on the front page. The articles was really just trash thrown together.

There were three issues with Kiss on the cover and small basic stories inside. One issue also had a picture on the rear cover. The magazines are today really hard to find in any condition.

# 3 1981

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Kiss in TOPP

Topp is a norwegian teenage music magazine. They had some content on Kiss during the Crazy Nights and the Revenge area. Here is the listing of magazines with Kiss content.

# 15 – 1987

The Story: About the upcoming world tour and the concert in Norway in 1988.
One A4 pin up with Kiss.
The text and music for Crazy nights on the last page.

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Victor Stabin – Signed Unmasked artwork

Victor Stabin signed and numbered Unmasked artwork

Unmasked coverFor many of us the Unmasked period was the time we really grew up to become huge Kiss-fans, and we spent hours looking at the album cover and poster.

Victor Stabin is the talented artist who made de incredible artwork for Unmasked, now he has a limited amount of signed prints of the artwork for the Unmasked album cover and poster for sale. He made them public on the NJ Kiss Expo. But still has some left.

After these pieces are sold out he will not sign or sell any more Kiss art. So get your print while you still can.

These are the different versions and sizes for sale.

Oversized print of the Unmasked poster. Size 33 x 64 inches
They will be limited to an edition of only ten. Price: $300 .

Print of the Unmasked poster. Size 22 x 32 inches
They will be limited to an edition of only hundred. Price: $100 .

Print of the Unmasked cover. Size 41 x 41 inches
They will be limited to an edition of only ten. Price: $200 .

Print of the Unmasked cover. Size 22 x 22 inches
They will be limited to an edition of only hundred. Price: $100 .

Just send me a message and I will give you the contact information.

Kiss Pacifica buckles

The coolest merchandise from the 70′s

Beside the music, books and posters, the Pacifica Kiss buckles from the 70′s are probably my favorite part of my Kiss-collection. Probably because I really wanted one bad in the late 70′s and early 80′s, but never managed the get hold of one here in Norway. One of my friends had the Destroyer buckle. And It is probably one of the few times I have been really envious of somebody in my whole life.

When I first started to collect buckles one of the problem was finding a complete list of Pacifica Kiss buckles on the web. So I just thought I should post a pictures of what I believe is the complete list of Pacifica Kiss buckles. Continue reading

Eraldo Carugati. The man who painted the solo covers

Eraldo Carugati si like a mystery figure in Kisstory. Most Kiss fans know the story behind the iconic album covers made by Ken Kelly and Michael Doret, Those albums covers are probably the ones used most on Kiss merchandise together with the covers for the solo albums, painted by Eraldo Carugati.

Strangely there haven’t been much told about the making of the solo album covers. The only story I believe I have heard is one that Dennis Woloch has told about how Carugati painted the blood drop on the spot, when he was told that Gene’s album needed something extra. Something that tells a lot about how good he was.

I just found this article about Eraldo Carugati when I was surfing the web. There is not much about his story with Kiss, even if It’s mentioned. But I think It’s a cool story that deserves to be read anyway.

The eminent supreme artist revisited

Gene Simmons interview 1992

Part I  – Fra ‘Kiss Army Norway Magazine’ #3 – 1996.

This is the ‘blast from the past pages’ where we take a look at things that have happen in the past. We would like to open this spot with a interview that was done for one of the biggest radio station in Norway, NRK P2. The interview was done at Lip Cafe, when Kiss visited Oslo the 11th of June 1992 on their promotion tour for Revenge. The interviews was sent on the radio the same mouth, but the Gene Simmons interview was mighty edited. As I were there together with Steinar Fjeld from NRK, I were lucky enough to take a part in a separate interview with Gene and Paul. Exclusively for the Kiss Army Norway members will I here give you for the very first time the hole unedited interview with Gene I hope you enjoy it!!

After shaking hands….This was how we started the interview with small talk…

Steinar Fjeld: As you see have I brought a sample of a fan.
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