Some books are just crap

KISS Live!
By: St. Michael, Mick
Published: August 1996, 32 pages
ISBN: 0711960089

Revenge Is Sweet: An Illustrated Discography
By: Stevens, Joe
Published: March 1997, 88 pages
ISBN: 0711958203

Virgin Modern Icons: KISS
Published: September 1997
ISBN: 1852276886

Kiss: the Hottest Band in the Land
By: Michael Heatley
Published: November 1996
ISBN: 1873884745

I have decided to take these 4 as one. There were a couple of these books released around the reunion tour. All of them are crap in my mind. A cheap shot at earning some money while Kiss where at their height popularity wise.

Mostly uninteresting text and pictures. There are even pictures of tribute bands in some of them. So if you see them don’t buy them. Even if it’s just to make money people could at least made some effort to release something worthwhile.

The only positive thing about these books are that some of them contains some cool photos. But crap is crap in my book.

Verdict: 1/10

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