KISS Live på Marquee Club, London, UK. 16 August 1988.

Av: Runar Jansen

Vi var fire kompiser som bestemte oss for å reise til London på en ukes ferie i august 1988. Målet var ”Monsters of Rock” festivalen på Castle Donington, hvor vi ville se Kiss spille.
På Forneby flyplass utenfor Oslo, møter vi en bekjent (Jan Dahle) som også skal på ”Monsters-festivalen”. Vi kommer i prat om London, og jeg sier jeg er spent på hvorvidt det er noen andre bra band som spiller, under uken vi er der. -Jeg vet i hvert fall om et, som du liker veldig godt. Kiss skal gjøre et hemmelig gig på Marquee!, forteller han. -Hva!?, Hvordan vet du det? Det kan ikke være sant!, svarer jeg mistroisk. Det viser seg at han hadde ringt Kiss plateselskap for å få datoer til alle Kiss konserter i Europa, og på denne listen stod også Marquee-giget oppført. Det gjorde den ikke på noen andre lister som ble offentliggjort!

Monsters of Rock- Tour.
Kiss var kommet til Europa for å turnere for sin siste plate ”Crazy Nights” Tittelkuttet herfra hadde gitt de en stor hit i England, og var mye av grunnen til at de reiste over for denne turneén. Som sagt skulle de også delta på ”Monsters of Rock”, den største årlige ”hardrock-happeningen” i Europa. En festival som hadde vokst seg stadig større og større siste årene. Publikumsrekorden var da på ca. 70 000 mennesker i England, så dette var stort. Kiss skulle komme til å spille for sitt største publikum i løpet av ”non make-up” perioden i løpet av disse 5 datoene, i England, Tyskland og Italia. Kiss ville varme opp før disse viktige konsertene med et klubb-gig på sagnomsuste Marquee, midt i Soho, London. Continue reading

An “interview” with Fritz Postlethwaite

Fritz PostlethwaitePer Ivar Stubberud posted these e-mails in june 2005 in the Kiss Army Norway forums. He had seen Fritz post in Anton Figs forums and thought; “why not just send a e-mail and see if he is willing to answer some questions. So here you have the posts collected. Really cool stuff for us fans of “vintage-kisstory”.

Fritz. I happened to spot you at Anton Fig`s message board. I`m a kiss-crazy from Norway and since you`ve been an important part of kisstory I just could`nt stop myself from writing. It must have been an amasing journey while working for them. I love the stories that the crew has shared with the fans, and you know what, those are the most important ones. Paul and Gene has a way of twisting those old stories in a way that the credit often goes their way, you may have scratched your head once or twice over it yourself…..
I can only say that I believe things more from a crew-point of view than any other in the kiss-camp, thank you. I wish you guys could have written a book `bout that the life as roadies, crewmembers, managers. To read about the details, big challenges and responsibilities are truly a goldmine for many. I`m a tour manager myself and I love my work, you would kill for getting the show on stage. (

What are your occupations these days? Are you in the music business? Continue reading

An interview with Ingo Floren

An interview with ‘Mr. Kiss-collectibles’ himself, Ingo Floren

There has been released several books about Kiss collectibles during the years. Some have been good and some have been not quite so good. But the definitive Kiss collectible book had still to be written. Until Ingo Floren’s ‘Official Price Guide To KISS collectibles’ was released in July last year. This was the book all us collectors had been waiting for. The first collectibles book that did much more than scratch the surface. Kiss Army Norway had a little ‘chat’ with Ingo about his book and himself.

Kiss cardsFirst of all tell us a little about yourself.
I’m 32 years old and live in Berlin, Germany where I work as a project leader in a marketing agency. As a dedicated KISS fanatic and collector since 1979/80 I enjoy looking around on the net for some vintage KISS stuff to see my collection growing. I’m focussed on original paper stuff fom the 70s like magazines and promo stuff. I also started to collect radio shows and interviews from the classic era. Just check out to see what I’ve up for trade.

A project of this magnitude must have taken ages to put together. How did it start out and how long did it take you to gather all the information and write the book? Was it difficult to get a publishing deal for the book?

Everything started in summer of 2003. I got a mail from a guy of the Random House publishing group looking for someone crazy enough to write a book about KISS collectibles. Random House scanned the internet for some fan-related sites and came across my site So we did some correspondence and I was finally asked to write a proposal. As I did some researches for my own collection for many years I was able to fall back on some info already on hand. So after a few weeks I sent over my ideas for the book’s structure and one chapter to New York in August 2003. I’ve nearly forgotten about the project as I was contacted by an editor from Random House in October. He said that they liked my ideas and invited me over to New York to discuss further steps and come to a contractual agreement.
Everything was very exciting and it was like a dream come true to me… first, I got the chance to do a book with one of the biggest publishers in the world and most importantly, it was about my favourite band! Finally, I got one year for the whole project including researches, writing, doing pictures, interviews and stuff. This was kinda hard as I did everything besides my proper job at the agency… Continue reading

Warman’s Kiss Collectibles Field Guide

Field GuideWarman’s Kiss Collectibles Field Guide
By: Shannon, Thomas
512 pages

“Updated” edition of Shannon’s Goldmine KISS Collectibles Price Guide book. In one way It’s a cool book. But I really don’t like the format. It’s so tiny that It’s not easy to read and not easy finding your way when your looking for something special. I really feel that it could have been so much better than it is. On the positive side there is a really cool interview with Bill Aucoin in the book.

Verdict: 5/10

Into the Void… with Ace Frehley

Into The VoidInto the Void… with Ace Frehley
By: Wendy Moore
Published 2005, 220 pages

This is a book I have really ambivalent feelings against. I read it and found it interesting but afterwards it felt like I just didn’t need to know most of the content in the book.

The book more or less tells me the same things about Ace a person as the ‘Kiss & Tell’ book does. But it also gives me many personal details about Ace that I really don’t want to know. That Ace really can be an asshole I have understood ages ago.

As a Kiss fan there are not very much interesting to find in this book. Wendy’s impressions of the rest of the band during the few encounters she has had with them are interesting though.

Verdict: 4/10

The Official Price Guide to Kiss Collectibles

The Official Price Guide to Kiss CollectiblesThe Official Price Guide to Kiss Collectibles
By: Ingo Floren
Published 2004, 480 pages

About: Easily the best book about collectibles. This book is great if you need to check out prices etc. Ingo has really done an incredible amount of work on this book. Some of the merchandise is probably valued a little to high compared to what one can expect to pay but if you use the book to find max prices it’s great.
The book mainly focuses on official records and other merchandise.

There is also a small interview with Michael Doret who designed the RARO cover. And great comments by Dennis Woloch on all the covers he was responsible for the design on.

The only problem with guides like this is that they will never be complete. There are always merchandise you want the writer to write more about.

Verdict: 8/10